Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trust the Universe

I'm kind of a control freak. Don't look so shocked! Surely you knew this about me?

Over time I've found that the Universe has this annoyingly cheerful way of providing me with countless opportunities to learn the same lesson over and over again until it finally sinks in. Here's how it goes:

Universe: (presents something to me) Are you ready to deal with this? 
Me: Nope, not yet. 
Universe: Okay!

...time passes...

Universe: How 'bout now? Ready yet?
Me: Nope.
Universe: Okay!

...more time passes...

Universe: How 'bout now? Ready now?
Me: Definitely NOT now.
Universe: Okay!

...and so on and so on until FINALLY, I decide that I'm ready to deal with whatever glorious lesson the Universe wants me to learn.

As a control freak, the big lesson that I keep having the opportunity to learn is "Trust the Universe" or, for the religious folks out there "Trust God." Me, I'll take the Universe option...it rings truer in my brain.

What this looks like right now is me knowing, not just in my brain but in my heart, that everything ALWAYS works out. It may not look like I think it should, and it may not look like I want it to look, but really, it all works out exactly the way it's supposed to.

When I'm planning my husband's 40th birthday party and can't find a suitable venue after searching for a month, it will all work out.

When I get my period after our eighth month of attempted baby-making (doh!), it will all work out.

When I'm still getting horrible headaches even after almost seven weeks of upper-chiro treatment, it will all work out.

And deep down inside, I know it will, because it always has. I just have a hard time remembering sometimes, that's all. And so I know that the Universe will keep providing me with opportunities to remember. Thank you, Universe! :)